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Satin is one of the most lustrous fabrics used in the world. Our CACTUS 19 is 100% Silk 82 GSM 54” and is a bit heavier than the CACTUS 16. Typically with excellent glossy effect and a dull back.
26.97 26.97 USD
Silk chiffon is elegant and sheer with soft beautiful crepe like textured satin finish. It is stronger than silk gauze and it is believe to produce beautiful drapes. It is 47.52 GSM 54" and 100% silk.
12.80 12.8 USD
Similar to all the chiffon characteristics, our silk satin chiffon stripes satin is a lightweight satin with a distinctive  stripe textured pattern. The base is chiffon and stripes consist of satin. The surface of the fabric is transparent, smooth, shiny and airy in nature. It is 43.2 GSM 1/2 width 54" and 100% silk.
14.24 14.24 USD
Similar to all the satin characteristics, our hammered satin is a lightweight satin with a distinctive hammered textured pattern. The surface of the fabric is smooth, shiny and airy in nature. It is 69.12 GSM 54" and 100% silk.
19.86 19.86 USD
Our pop crepe is slightly diagonally stretchable . It is soft to touch, shiny in nature, very lightweight looks like an tiny open weave. The fabric is great for any garment constructions. It is 36.72 GSM 54" and 100% silk.
9.26 9.26 USD
This crinkle satin typically has a glossy surface and a dull back. Its crinkle effect along then grain line makes it different form plain satin. It is light, shiny and soft to touch. It is 77.76 GSM 54" and 100% silk. 
23.80 23.8 USD
ALOE 20 54" RFD
Our Georgette check crepe is slightly sheer, lightweight with dull finished and soft to touch. This fabric is woven igniting effect of major tiny checks formation. It is 86.4 GSM 54" and 100% silk in nature.
16.83 16.830000000000002 USD
This fabric is woven in stripe texture across the grain. Its satiny touch gives novelty appearance to the fabric making it exclusive in demand. It is lightweight, shiny, and smooth to hands feel. It is 95.04 GSM and 100% silk.
29.03 29.03 USD
The silk satin organza is no different to traditional organza. It is soft smooth and satiny to touch. This fabric has slightly satin finish, as this solid fabrics retain the crispiness of organza which weighs more and its tighter weave renders to be opaque than traditional silk organza. It is 60.48 GSM and 100% silk.
24.24 24.240000000000002 USD
LOTUS 30 54" RFD
This opulent silk is an excellent fabric for drapes consist of soft matte sheen.Our LOTUS crepe fabric heavier weight makes the fabric more durable; gives a wearer slimming appearance and preferred for daily wear due to comfort finesse. It is 129.6 GSM 54" and 100% silk.
26.91 26.91 USD
This fabric is woven in extremely low density, results in transparency and relatively flimsy textile. Our organza is lightweight in a plain weave, giving sheer appearance, breathability quantity is high due to its transparency. It is light, has medium shine, smooth stiff to feel,  possible for full silhouette stiff drape and structure. It is 28.08 GSM 54" and 100% silk.
7.43 7.43 USD
This double Georgette fabric is semi sheer, lightweight and airy. It has dull crepe finish which can provide fluid drapes, airy, smooth touch and flow in nature for garments or home decors. It is 65.664 GSM 54" and 100% silk.
24.68 24.68 USD
TULIPS 110 54" RFD
Dupion silk is the allure of pure silk in its rawest form. Our TULIP dupion silk is soft, shiny and delicately plain weave crisp silk fabric. It is 110 GLM 54" and 100% silk.
11.43 11.43 USD
This chiffon fabric is woven giving some checks formation to the fabric. It is soft, textured to touch, lightweight, has transparent appearance and no glossy effect. It is 34.56 GSM 54" and 100% silk.
5.52 5.5200000000000005 USD
POPPY 7.5 54" RFD
This silk mesh is lightweight; the open-weave fabric is exclusively manufactured inspiring honeycomb. This silk mesh can be used in many garment construction ways giving a gauge effect. It is 32.4 GSM 54” is 100% silk and comprises excellent shine.
9.30 9.3 USD
OTA 132 E 16.5 44" RFD
Our OTA 132 E is another fine silk fabric. Soft and handwoven in nature suitable for gown construction. It is a novelty in-house fabric where circular motifs are woven to define its beauty. It is 71.28 GSM 44” and 100% silk.
18.54 18.54 USD
Our ORCHID Georgette fabric is light-weight, textured and sheer, displaying an overall bouncy transparent appearance. This fabric is strong absorbent, and is easy to dye and has dull-rough texture. It holds 34.56 GSM  54” is 100% silk.
9.85 9.85 USD
LOTUS 16 54" RFD
Our LOTUS fabric is ideal for summers, which is extremely lightweight, provides airiness and comfortable to the wearer. Our fine crepe in silk is soft and smooth to touch. It is 69.12 GSM 54” and 100% silk.
22.73 22.73 USD
LILY 8 55" RFD
Exclusively airy, lightweight crinkled texture and a semi-mesh weave, gives the fabric a chic transparent appearance, as well as making it slightly rough to the touch. It is synonymous with elegance in the fashion world. It is 34.56 GSM 55” is 100% silk.
9.07 9.07 USD
Excellent fabric of all time because of its durability. Our silk twill JASMIN is soft, has lustrous pearl appearance in nature and passes fabulous draping aspects.  Its holds 51.84 GSM 54” is 100% silk.
18.17 18.17 USD

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